There is a growing demand of rental apartments in Plovdiv.


The interest towards rental apartment offers in the town of Plovdiv is rising.

 With its steadfast development in recent years, Plovdiv attracts more and more people from neighbouring towns.
 Transforming into an industrial leader in our country, the town presents an increasing number of job opportunities.
 Due to the growing number of foreign investors, the salaries are high and unemployment is low. 
Alongside the active construction of housing and the increased number of property deals, there is also a high demand for rental apartments in Plovdiv, say brokers. 
According to them, this market activity is mostly due to the high number of young specialists, attracted by workplaces in the town, as well as the ever-increasing number of foreign students.

When it comes to rental apartments the central parts of the town are the most desired.

For those who look to rent a private residence the most important characteristics their future home should have are the facilities and entertainment opportunities as well as the well-developed transport infrastructure. 
The ability to quickly travel to other parts of the town appeals to customers and just as important is the well-developed commerce grid close to the residence. Parks and green areas have also gained importance.
 The centre of town and the "Marasha" district are among the most desired regions.
 The districts "Karshiyaka" and "Mladezhki halm"(Youth HIll) also receive a lot of attention. 
Those are the regions which keep their typically high prices when it comes to rental apartments.

The customers' preferences are for the most part directed towards two-room apartments. 
The pricing for such apartments doesn't differ much from one district to another. 
A luxurious two-room apartment in the centre is priced at 250-300 euros per month.

The attraction of foreign specialists stimulated the luxury segment of the rental apartments market.
 The new construction of housing compensates for the lack of quality provision which was present in the past 1-2 years.
 Spacious luxury apartments with custom furniture exceed 600 euros per month.